Thursday, August 19, 2004

Look out! I have tiny blue balls!!!

I ran out of my Right Guard Gel Deodorant from the U.S. last week, and I replaced it with the only gel deo I could find at the store. It's made by Gillette, and after I bought it I saw that it's touted as having POWER CAPS. These, apparently, are tiny blue balls that are inside the gel that are supposed to fight odor. Well, my first thought when I bought this deo last week was "...what kind of idiot would be swayed into buying this product because of the POWER CAPS?" Well, the answer is - A LOT of idiots. Yesterday, I used the last of the deodorant in my gym bag. So, I went to Géant today to buy more deo (among other things), and guess what I faced? It was an aisle fully stocked with a multitude of deodorants. Fully stocked, that is, except for one. That's right...POWER CAPS. I was able to get the last one, and that's only because it was all the way in the back of the shelf and I was probably the only person who could reach it. I might have to start hoarding it!
Wouldn't you know it? Yesterday, after going on and on on my blog about how summer was gone and fall was now here, I actually stepped outside. And what did I find? It was sunny and about 30ºC. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt, and then I went and cut the grass. As I might have said before, I cut a couple of the neighbors' lawns too. It's such a waste to bring the lawn mower out just to spend 30 seconds cutting our tiny lawn. So, I cut two other lawns that are close by just to make bringing the mower out worthwhile. Not surprisingly, the neighbors don't seem to mind. I did it for them once, and then I just kind of kept on doing it. They've actually brought me a couple of bottles of wine - which was nice - but I told them not to bother with the wine. I mean, it used to take me forty-five minutes to cut our lawn outside of Chicago with a rider mower. So, spending fifteen minutes cutting three lawns is hardly a hassle.
After yesterday's nice weather, today is dreary and rainy again. So, I'm going to take a drive through the rain to my internet service provider in Pratteln and exchange my cable modem. I still have Dave's modem hooked up, but I'm going to return it to him today. Therefore, I need to get mine replaced. Now that I mention it, I better take off. It's about 1:10 p.m., and they open up at 1:30 p.m. after their lunch break.
Bis bald...

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