Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Where do the main U.S. presidential candidates stand on key issues?

I like Michael Moore's website. One particularly good tidbit I found was a link to a BBC News page which profiles where the main candidates stand on 10 key issues. I'd say this is a pretty helpful public service being provided by the BBC News U.K. Edition. It seems pretty impartial to me, which is good considering that I read the other day that about 90% of Europeans support Kerry over Bush for President.
As for what's going on today. I'm going to leave for the gym in a few minutes. I hate working out before 14:00, but I have to pick Steve, Louise, and the kids up at Basel Airport at I have no choice. We had some much needed rain last night (which cooled things off considerably), and that means I don't have to go water John and Rammy's garden (they're off galavanting in the South of France). That's about it for today other than walking Dave and Jane's dogs after I return from the airport. Tonight, it's going to be trout for dinner on the new patio furniture that is currently highlighted on my website. See ya.

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