Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Someone stinks...and it ain't me!!!

My word of the day: deodorant. As in - how about using some? I smell B.O. in and around Basel on a regular basis, but when the temperature and humidity go up....WHOA!!! I was at the gym yesterday, and some of people in my gym just had some real nasty STANK! The stank did not discriminate between men and women or young and old. But, if I had to pick the demographic which was activating my gag reflex the most, it would be...old women. Whew!!! The most common B.O. smell over all demographics would have to be the "cat pee" smell. This would have to be followed by the "onions rotting in sunshine for two days" smell. These two smells have a commanding lead over just plain "rancid sweat"...an oldy, but goody. Smelly people...take my advice - go to the grocery store, buy some deodorant, and USE IT. Once a month would be a good start.
And since I mentioned grocery stores...Is it unreasonable to expect people to have their money ready when they are in the check out line at a grocery store? I have seen this phenomenon many times (older women, yet again, are usually the prime culprits): the groceries go down the conveyor belt, the cashier is scanning the items, the prices (including a cummulative price) flash on a little screen, the cashier announces the grand total, and....the customer looks blankly at the cashier as if totally surprised that he/she has to pay for these items. It happened yesterday. The guy in front of me bought one thing - a bag of some kind of meat from the butcher counter. The cashier said the total - 54.65 CHF, or something like that - and then the guy just stood there for about five seconds. He acted surprised that he actually had to pay this amount, and then he reached for his wallet, produced his Supercard (kind of like a Fresh Values card at good old Dominick's in Chicago), and then proceeded to pay for his purchase with two twenty franc notes, and about 14.65 made up of about FIFTY coins. It took about five minutes!!! Some more advice from The Big Finn: HAVE YOUR MONEY READY BEFORE THE CASHIER FINISHES SCANNING YOUR GROCERIES...IF YOU WANT THE GROCERIES, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. THIS SHOULDN'T SURPRISE YOU. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR GROCERIES, DON'T GO TO THE GROCERY STORE AND STAND IN FRONT OF ME IN LINE!!!
Now that I got that off my chest...King had a successful visit to Dr. Buser's office weighing in at 6.1 kgs./13.4 lbs. He actually went into is crate without too much hassle, he rode to the office without too much complaining, and he received his one vaccination without so much as one meow. He does, however, have a minor ear infection, and I have to put some kind of Novartis (King's supporting Mommy's company) ear drops into his ears once a day for a week or so. I brought him back home, and he went right to his big green pillow to take a nap.
That's it for now...I'm going to go do a little grocery shopping in France (I have to find out how to say "have your money ready" in French), and then I'm going to pick up Jo Ann at work.
Bis später...


Medium Swede said...

For you to recognize someone else's "stank" is quite an accomplishment. I recall you were asked to leave work once because of your own stench.

Please re-tell the story so that all can enjoy.

The Big Finn said...

The Medium Swede is correct. I WAS once pulled into my boss's (Nick's) office and told "...you stink." I wasn't told to leave work, but Nick did say "...you have to do something about that smell. You smell like a drunk who's been out drinking all night, but you smell like garlic instead of booze." The problem was that I had gone to Bucca di Beppo in Wheeling, IL for dinner on the previous night, and I had partaken of the garlic mashed potatoes. They were so garlicy that the smell (unbeknownst to me) was coming through my pores the next morning. So, Nick told me to "...do something about it." Which I did. I went to my gym, swam some laps, sweated it out in the sauna afterwards, and then took a customer out to lunch who said that I didn't smell of garlic at all. I guess the difference between me and the Boris Orloffs in Basel is that it was an isolated incident, and I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM!