Monday, August 09, 2004

The Swiss kids are back in school today!

It's August 9th, and today is the first day back at school for the Swiss kids. I think the English speakers begin school at the ISB (International School Basel) in two weeks. The Swiss kids actually have a fairly short summer break, but they get two-week breaks here and there throughout the year which makes up for the short summer break.
This past weekend was a good one. We had our Tour de Reinach (TDR3), and that went very well. It started off with a bit of rain for the first stage, but then the weather cleared for the remainder of the evening. We hosted the final stage, and served champagne, kir royales, blinis with caviar, and shrimp cocktail. Although excellent food and drink was enjoyed at every stage, I'd have to say that my favorite appetizers of the evening were the tiny hamburgers that Steve and Louise served. Louise made these tiny buns from scratch, and she made tiny hamburger patties for them...excellent! The fun lasted until about 1:00 a.m., and then we all kind of just faded out. Gill wore the yellow jersey for a did Karen (although she claims she didn't deserve it). At the last stage, nobody ended up wearing the jersey because everybody was pretty well-behaved. There was no obvious champion like last year, so we don't really know who would be this year's TDR3 champion. I guess it would have to be Gill since she wore the yellow leader's jersey for the better part of two stages.
Yesterday we went to Christian and Nimashini's apartment for a BBQ. They live in a 6th-floor rooftop apartment in Klein Basel (a couple hundred meters north of the Rhein River). Their apartment is really great. It has a nice view, it's private, and it has a nice breeze (when there actually is one). The breeze was really welcome, because it was pretty hot yesterday. We had a few drinks, enjoyed some barbecued pork and sausages, and just plain relaxed. We were there for abour six hours, and then we finally decided around 8:30 p.m. that we should probably go home and feed the pets. I think Dominique must have slept the entire time we were gone, because she ended up being pretty restless throughout the night. Or, maybe she was a bit warm...I'm not sure.
Today, I've done a few things around our house. In a little while, I'm going to stop at the grocery store, go work out at the gym, and then I'll go straight from the gym to pick Jo Ann up at work. Jo Ann made me feel sufficiently sorry for her that I agreed to pick her up from work this evening. I guess the tram is actually pretty hot these days. I'm going to pick her up at 6:30 p.m., which is actually much earlier than I normally get to see her. So, I guess it's worth it.
Tomorrow, I have to bring King to the vet for his annual vaccination. He hates being put into his travel crate, so the next time I blog I'll probably have scratched up forearms.

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