Friday, September 15, 2006


I received a phone call from a lady named Judith this morning. She was calling from the management office of our apartment building to advise me that my car is parked in the wrong spot in the parking garage.


She told me they had leased out parking spot number 7 (where I currently park) to somebody for three months, and that the guy had called her to say that somebody was parked in his spot. I told her that when Herr Frei at her office handed me the keys to the apartment over 18 months ago, that he had told me that there were no assigned parking spots in the garage and that I could park in any spot. However, Judith advised me that our contract clearly states "...zat you muss park een shpot zeeks".


I told her that I'd go down and move my car.

I went down to the garage, saw that my new spot was against a wall, and that there was no way in hell I was going to start making seventeen-point turns just so that I could squeeze the Jeep into a spot that's meant for a Mini-Cooper. I took the elevator back up to the apartment, and called Judith...

TBF: "Hello Judith. This is [TBF]. I'm sorry, but I have a Jeep..."

Judith: "Yes, I know...I saw eet yesterday..."

TBF: " were in the garage yesterday?"

Judith: "Yes...ven zee person told me zat somebody was een heez shpot, I came out to investigate."

TBF: "And???"

Judith: "Yes...I confirmed zat you were parked een heez shpot."

TBF: " came out just to...? Nevermind...well...since you saw my car, you can certainly understand that it would be very difficult for me to squeeze my large car into that tiny spot. Therefore, I would like to continue parking in spot number seven.

Judith: "Zat veel be no problem. Zee man said zat he will park in shpot number zeeks if you didn't want to sveetch shpots. Plus, he's only renting zee shpot for zree munts."

TBF: "OK...I appreciate your understanding...thank you."

After hanging up with Judith, I went to my trusty file cabinet and pulled out our rental contract. And...there it is in black and white:

Mietobjekt: Einstellhallenplatz Nr. 6

Huh...who knew?


Anonymous said...

Did you let the friggin' frau know that you will park where you please and please where you park?

How dare!

p.u. said...

Fascinating! Please tell me more...

Unknown said...

lol - well I guess you just sensed it all along....

TorAa said...

TBF, that was a good story. I liked it because we can all be confused by laws and regulations.