Friday, September 29, 2006

Stockholm: Beauty And The Beast...

Mrs. TBF and I were walking up Slottsbacken next to the Royal Palace. It was a beautiful Saturday early afternoon - blue sky, warm sun, cool breeze...perfect! I walked a few steps in front of Mrs. TBF, got the camera ready, wheeled around...SNAP!


Mrs. TBF asked me for the camera just as a band came marching up the street. "Stand there..." she said. I stood, and waited...and waited...and waited. "What the hell's the hold up...?", I asked. "I'm waiting for the band to be in the picture...", she replied. "Just take the picture already...", I said impatiently. Snap!


Mrs. TBF thinks: Oh, oh...low blood sugar. We must find a restaurant now!

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Unknown said...

LOL - ok that look is priceless... Love the blue sky though!