Friday, October 12, 2007

For Those Of You Sitting At Home On The Edge Of Your Seats...

The Jeep has been sold!

I just returned from the car dealership WITHOUT the Jeep and WITH a wad of cash. Yes, they paid me CASH for the Jeep. I signed a couple of pieces of paper, and CHF 1000 notes were laid in front of me on the desk.


I thanked the folks at Emil Frey for the past seven years of fine service, and I wished them a good life since I might never see them again. Now begins a life of public transportation, taxis, and car sharing.

EASY (hopefully)!


Mark said...

Congrats on the sale of the car. Loks like you guys have just earned a good sum of pocket money for an unforgetable trip to Japan :-)

The Big Finn said...

ox - It wasn't really that much money. However, the annual savings of not having a car will pay the difference between economy and business class tickets on about four trips per year between Basel and Chicago.