Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Same To You, Buddy!

I went down to the mailbox this morning, and I - as I do every Tuesday - pulled out the Coop Zeitung which my grocery store sends me every week...rain or shine. Since I'd estimate that I do about 80% of our grocery shopping at Coop, I actually take the time to look through the paper to see what's on special offer (or Aktion as they call it here), and whether or not (hope against hope) that they've finally begun stocking their shelves with 2 lb. bags of Fritos and coolers with bags of ice (...one can dream, can't he?). I also get the Migros Zeitung (the other grocery store) on Mondays, but that one pretty much goes immediately into the recycling bin with nary a glance. Yeah, it has the "Single der Woche" page, but other than that, it pretty much sucks (as does the Migros that's located right next door to our apartment)!

This week, the Coop Zeitung has a picture of Thabo Sefolosha on the cover along with a feature article. In case you you've never heard of Thabo Sefolosha, he's a half-Swiss, half-South African basketball player who plays for the Chicago Bulls.

Yes...he's a Swiss basketball player, playing for the Chicago Bulls...

...who's flipping the bird on the cover of the Coop Zeitung!


Unknown said...

lol - I didn't notice him flipping the bird until you pointed that out... hmmm..

Well it sounds like you are off to a wonderful start of a vacation..


My Brand New Swiss Life said...

There's a fun article about him in the Swiss inflight magazine.

Don't think he's flipping the bird in any pictures though.

Da Bulls.