Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too Busy To Blog...

I haven't been blogging because:

A) We've been constantly on the go.
B) I can't access Blogger through Mrs. TBF's work computer.
C) So little many temples.
D) All of the above!

The correct answer is "D"!

Mrs. TBF's bag did come after a couple of days (thanks BA for the $400 payment for our troubles PLUS 15,000 miles into Mrs. TBF's mileage account!!!).

We've eaten a lot of GREAT food (including Kobe steak last night!).

Day trips have been made from Tokyo to Nikko and from Kyoto (where we are now) to Nara.

Perhaps we'll go to Hiroshima tomorrow. Perhaps not...

We've taken many, MANY pictures, and I'll begin posting some of them when we return home.

I'm not sure if I'll blog again while we're here because I'm having to use either a hotel business center or a hotel laptop in order to blog and check e-mail, and it's cutting into vacation time.

Suffice it to say that we're having a GREAT time. Japan is like Switzerland, but:

...has better food.

...has friendlier people. more orderly.

...has better public transportation.

...AND (believe it or not) cleaner!

More about all that later!


CanadianSwiss said...

I'm not that much of a fish/seafood lover (must be heaven if you are), but I totally agree that the Kobe steak as well as other dishes are fantastic.

As for the friendlier people, my experience was that they are very polite, but I didn't find they were very sincere. They may make fun of you the minute you turn your back, or they answer even though they didn't understand a word you said (the latter is upbringing, maybe? Not answering a question is rude).

Then again, I was there on business, and not holidays. :)

Beejum said...

Wow, I'm amazed, I didn't realize it was possible to have public transportation better than the Swiss. Could you survive there if you didn't like fish/shellfish of any kind whatsoever?

Unknown said...

wow - now that is harder to believe..

Better than switzerland!

Enjoy the vacation while it lasts.

The Big Finn said...

cs - I'd make fun of me too if I saw me walking around all jet-lagged in a foreign country.

beejum - I don't think it would be any problem surviving in Japan if one doesn't like seafood. The grocery stores seem to be pretty similar to Western grocery stores, and the restaurants had a lot of non-fish offerings.

et - Believe it! It's almost as if Japan used Switzerland as their model, and then just improved things that needed improving.