Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Tokyo Adventures Of Sugar Mama And Travel Diva...

We're alive and well in Tokyo. Here's what we've done so far:

FLIGHT - I ask you: Now that I've experienced First Class, how will I ever go back to Business Class again? Unfortunately, one of our bags didn't make it (so Mrs. TBF's been forced to wear the same jeans since we got here...YUCK!), but we just received word that the bag will arrive later this evening. We enjoyed a great Japanese dinner at our hotel, and then we pretty much crashed after that.

FISH MARKET - We set the alarm for 4 a.m. our first morning here so that we could go to the fish market and watch the tuna auctions. Unbelievably, we actually managed to pull ourselves out of bed, take a taxi to the market, watch the fish auctions, and then enjoyed a sushi and beer breakfast - all before 7:30 a.m. Then, we took the subway (where we enjoyed watching the locals falling into a deep sleep while sitting up, and then magically waking up seconds before arriving at their stop) back to our hotel where our two-hour nap turned into a four-hour nap. After shaking out the cobwebs, we walked around a bit and took in some sights in the late afternoon. Later that evening, we went to Roppongi for a Yakatori dinner, came back to the hotel for a drink, and then crashed (again).

BRUNCH - This morning, we took the subway to Ueno where we reserved some train tickets for a day-trip we'll be taking tomorrow, watched more champion Japanese nappers waking up seconds before they had to get off at their stops, and returned to our hotel where we had a nice mid-day brunch. Then, it was back to the room for another nap, I'm here blogging.

I know...not too exciting so far. However, the worst of the jet lag seems to be behind me, our missing bag will be here in a couple of hours, and we're ready go!

More soon...

- posted in Tokyo


Unknown said...

LOL- and only if you could take a photo of those professional sleepers..

I guess it brings new meaning to a cat nap!

The DP said...

Travel Diva!
I can so see in like a year you will be posting like, "I can't believe I had to fly BC again"

Anonymous said...

I assume First class ass kissing from BA for losing your bag is better than Business Class ass kissing. Jx has now decided against checking her bag in on Saturday to LHR.
Kinger is firing on all cylinders... He is more animalted and vocal than I can remember for quite some time. He complains bitterly when I come through the door and then follows me around for a fuss while I go hunting for the gifts that he has been leaving around the place for me. He has also developed a preference for drinking out of the tray for the pot plant in the dining room while his other water bowls go unused.

Only 2 and a half days to Hx. Gx had an adverse reaction to his medication on Saturday night... At one stage we thought he might not survive the night!!!!


Anonymous said...

Pictures, where are the pictures? Or did you manage to leave them in one of the bags that got lost?
-green with envy-

Anonymous said...

TBF and Mrs. TBF --
Congratulations! I'm thinking 20 years. Is that right?

How about a reflection on the difference between Japan and Tahiti.

FYI. Bears vs Lions, noon. Luke is going with me in his brand new orange Hester jersey. It's the orange game. They never lose the orange game. Anyway, the offer still stands -- show up in Chicago for a home game and we'll go.

Take care,

The Big Finn said...

Just for the record...
Dx Dave meant "potted plant" instead of "pot plant".
I don't want any trouble from the Swiss authorities.