Monday, October 15, 2007

Grab Bag...

TGV tickets for our Christmas trip to Paris have been purchased...for the unbelievably low sum of CHF 160 ($135 U.S.) per each round-trip ticket instead of the normal price of 408 CHF. I couldn't be bothered trying to figure out the French Rail website, so I just decided to go to the train station in Basel and fork over the money. Imagine my surprise when the ticket agent told me that I was receiving a special price since I was buying them so early; last Thursday (the day I bought them) was the first day they were available for purchase at the train station.

We survived our first weekend without a car just fine. I took the tram to John's house on Friday evening where we shared a couple of beers before heading over to Andy and Di's house by taxi (apparently the beers made us too lazy to take the tram) for dinner. Mrs. TBF took the tram from work directly to Andy and Di's where we enjoyed some great grub. Then, Mrs. TBF, John, and I shared a taxi back home. Easy!

The weather in Basel has been just great for the last few weeks. I know I'll probably jinx things by saying that, but I don't really care since we're leaving for Japan in a couple of days ennaway!

And speaking of Japan...everything is pretty much set to go. I've planned what I'm going to pack (now it's just a matter of throwing everything into the suitcase). Even though I keep a packing list in the computer, it still takes me HOURS to pack for a trip. Mrs. TBF? She packs in something like thirty minutes.

King is recuperating nicely after having three teeth pulled last week. As a matter of fact, he seems totally normal except for the daily deposit of "beef gravy" in the litter box. I guess the antibiotics he has to take for a week to avoid infection are wreaking havoc on the old beast's digestive system. Dave's going to be taking care of King while we're gone. Sorry, man!

Now, it's time to take the tram to the gym for my last workout before our trip...

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