Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Looking very Pope-like!

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Sorry. I couldn't figure out how to put these pictures together in one post...
Here's a picture of Renee - my sister-in-law.
I've always kind of chuckled when Renee has insisted in the past that she's related to Pope John Paul II. I just figured that lunacy came with being Polish. But, when I take a close look at this picture...I definitely notice a resemblance.
Please note that Renee is also wearing a Yellow Freight hat. Funny... Just yesterday, I spoke with another friend of mine who lives in Florida - Bret - and he told me that he just pulled a Yellow Freight golf ball out of his golf bag the other day.
Now I'm trying to remember...Did I ever actually give any of these sales promotions to customers?

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Anonymous said...

I also just lost my last Yellow Freight golf ball. I received these during our golf game where you were showing me "the plan."