Friday, August 12, 2005

Because YOU Asked For It (Part 3)!!!

Mrs. TBF requested that I give you a King Health Update. So, seeing that she IS the Sugar Mama, I'm happy to oblige.

King is doing very well thank you. The feline laxative worked wonders on King, and it had no ill-effects on yours truly. He began eating again the next day, and now he's eating us out of house and home. I had to share some of my shrimp dim sum with him tonight for God's sake. TBF doesn't like sharing food, but I'm happy to give it up for the Jig.
The Jig??? Now, for the first time ever, we're disclosing our nickname for King on the blog. We call him Jig. It's short for King-a-ma-jig, which comes from thing-a-ma-jig (duh!). OK, it's another stupid pet-owner thing. Give us a break.
You want more stupid pet owner stuff? OK....King speaks wit a Chicago accent. He calls people...mug. He threatens to "cut us" if he dudn't get his way. He calls Mrs. TBF "legs", and he calls Mrs. Diagnostic Dave "stilts" because she's taller than Mrs. TBF.

King (to TBF): "OK ya mug...put da bottle down! What'sa matta witcha guyses? D'ya tink dat udder people are in-trested in dis stuff?"


Kirk said...

Is King a Cubs or White Sox fan?

The DP said...

my cat is Carson from Queer Eye

The Big Finn said...

Mrs. TBF and I like both teams, but we prefer the Cubs. King is definitely a Sox fan. He's a "sowt-sider".