Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Capri - More Pictures!

Here are a couple of pictures. The first one is of Mrs. TBF at sunset in Capri Town with what we believe is Mount Vesuvio in the background. The picture was taken right before we went to dinner where TBF proceeded to sweat profusely for the entire dinner...nearly ruining Mrs. TBF's dining experience.
The second picture is of TBF enjoying a poolside snack. My hand doesn't fit into the Pringles can, so it's always a hassle getting those chips out of the bottom of the can. Solution??? Just dump them on your chest and cruch away. Oh sure...you're all tsk-tsking right now, but I guarantee that somebody is going to try it after reading about it here! Oh...and note to the Italian lady in the white bathing suit in the background: PUT THE CELLPHONE DOWN!!!! RELAX!!! YOU DON'T NEED TO PACE BACK AND FORTH NEXT TO THE POOL SPEAKING ON YOUR PHONE WHILE YOU'RE ON VACATION!!! NOTHING IS THAT IMPORTANT!!!

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