Thursday, September 01, 2005

Amalfi - The 73-Step Program.

We arrived in Amalfi yesterday morning, and we took a taxi from the port to our hotel - Hotel Santa Caterina. The hotel is very nice! We actually like it better than the hotel we stayed at in Capri. There are pictures in the lobby of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea when they stayed here in 1994, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stayed here just after Brad and Jen broke up, and Mrs. TBF claims that Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music) was lying on the chaise next to mine at the pool today. She says yes, and I say maybe...
We are very tan, and we are very relaxed. Our past two days have gone pretty much as follows: We wake up, get dressed, and then climb the 73 steps from our "Honeymoon Suite" to the breakfast buffet. Yes, we received an upgrade to the "Honeymoon Suite" when we checked in yesterday. It's a funky two level room with a sitting area, floor to ceiling windows, crazy looking bed, jacuzzi, and a nice big bathroom. After breakfast, we take the elevator down to the seaside pool. We park ourselves on our chairs, occasionally jump into the pool or the sea, TBF enjoys a big cigar (first picture...sorry Dad, I know you hate pictures of me smoking cigars), Mrs. TBF (second picture) and I enjoy a Cynar and tonic, and then head back up to our room around 5 p.m. Yesterday evening, we actually went into Amalfi and walked around the nice shopping area and bought a few things. Since we're staying in the "Honeymoon Suite" TBF had extra interest in the "Viagara Naturale" (third picture). Also, Mrs. TBF (in the fourth pictures) was amazed at what were the largest lemons we've ever seen.
More pictures tomorrow if we can break away from our busy schedule of doing nothing.

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