Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On The Road Again....AGAIN?

That's right. Tomorrow, Mrs. TBF and I are heading to Nyon. Mrs. TBF's company has a location in Nyon, and she has to go there for some "bidness". I'm tagging along, and we're going to be staying at our friend Jeanette's house. Since Mrs. TBF is going to be busy doing the "work-thang" on Friday, I'll just be hannging out in the French part of Switzerland.
For those of youse guyses (sorry...slipped into Chicagoese for a second) who aren't in the know - Nyon is located between Geneva and Lausanne, and it's where Mrs. TBF had a apartment for 9 months in 2002 while she was working there. I haven't been in Nyon for a long time, and I'm looking forward to this weekend...a lot! Our plan is to take the 5:05 p.m. train to Nyon tomorrow evening. We'll have dinner in Nyon tomorrow night, Mrs. TBF will do her job-thing on Friday, and then our plan is to take the boat over Lac Leman from Lausanne to Evian, France for a day of exploring with Jeanette.
I really like the French part of Switzerland. I must say that I was rather disappointed when Mrs. TBF's job brought her back to Basel. Her apartment in Nyon was awesome. It overlooked Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), had a view of Jet d'Eau in Geneva, plus a view (when it wasn't too hazy) of Mont Blanc (the mountain...not the pen!). Plus, the difference between the French-speaking Swiss and German-speaking Swiss is like night and day. We'll see if Nyon and it's surrounds are as good as I remember.
On a side note: We're going to Paris in November, and I just discovered that EasyJet is going to begin flying from Basel to Paris on October 31st. They're also going to begin flying from Basel to Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Prague next year. Here's the press release!


Unknown said...

I'd assume you are already on your trip. I lived in the french speaking area for about 1.5 years and visited Evian 3 times! I liked the city but really I found it not to be all too exciting at all. Fast forward to August. We took the Nyon Yvoire boat and had a blast. My jaw was dropped on the beauty. I can't believe how beautiful the little village is and how much great food and little shops are around. You can linger there for hours.

Check out some pics we took here:


The Big Finn said...

That's what we ended up doing. More, later...