Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm Happy, ...

...and I'm sad.
I'm happy because I leave for Basel Airport in about a half-hour to fly off to Amsterdam. I'll be meeting my old neighbor - Dr. John - for a well-behaved boys weekend away. I'm also happy because I found out that Kirk and Gretchen of Expatter fame are also going to be going to Amsterdam this weekend...AND WE'RE ON THE SAME FLIGHT!!! It's a small world, isn't it?
I'm also happy because Mrs. TBF is going to Milan this weekend with a bunch of ladies for a girly weekend of shopping and whatever else it is that girls do.
However, I'm also sad because Mrs. TBF and I will be apart. For some reason, it doesn't bother us if one of us goes away, and the other one stays at home. But, the fact that both of us are going away to different destinations has us both a bit blue. However, I'm sure we'll both have a lot of fun, and we'll only be gone for a couple of nights.
Gotta run...
Dr. John: I'm on my way!!!

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