Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Received an E-Mail Yesterday...

...letting me know that the Wheeling High School Class of 1980's (my class) 25th Reunion has been cancelled due to "lack of interest"! It had been scheduled for this coming weekend in Schaumburg, Illinois and I guess it's not going to happen. Bummer! For the record: I'm going to Chicago next month, so I thought that going to Chicago two months in a row might be a bit much. I guess I'm being lumped in with the "lack of interest" crowd. Although I definitely would have gone if it had been more convenient for me to do so.
I seem to recall that there were something like 475 people in my graduating class. I'd bet that most of them still live in the Chicago area, and it's amazing to me that they (whoever "they" are) couldn't round up at least a couple of hundred people for the reunion.
When's the next one? 30 years? 50 years?? Never???


Lone Ranger said...

There were just 20 people in my graduating class in Kulm, ND -- 10 boys and 10 girls (and one of the boys must have had two girls) but I haven't missed a class reunion yet. I think your school needs a little attitude adjustment.

The DP said...

my tenth is next year. I am getting all the dirt from a 95 grad who is going to his this year. I am not paying for a plane ticket for my tenth. Maybe the 25th.