Saturday, August 27, 2005

Up and Running In Capri!

With the help of Mrs. TBF, I (...ahem...we) figured out how to log into the wireless network at our hotel. I only subscribed to 200 minutes of wireless, so I have to use them sparingly.
Here are a couple of pictures for you. The first picture was taken by our waiter upon our arrival at the glamorous Capri Palace in Anacapri, Italy. As I said yesterday, we took many modes of transportation to get to this fabled island - including a hair-raising (for Mrs. TBF, not for TBF...obviously) ride up the hair-pin road to our final destination.
In the second picture - after we had settled in - we decided to go for a walk, and I took a picture of Mrs. TBF at a scenic overlook looking down on Capri at a vantage point not too far from our hotel.
At the current moment, we are sitting in the hotel bar, and I am blogging listening to some "cool bar music" being performed by a man (...probably named Giuseppe like the man who greeted us when we checked in...) at the piano. We leave for dinner in a few minutes, and continue the legendary "good life" that TBF and Mrs. TBF lead.
Ciao bella...


Gretchen said...

It looks amazing! What a beautiful hotel. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Kathy said...

Daaaaaham Youze guys do live da big life. OK, that's Chicago-eze for Damn you guys do live the good life! King would understand.
Have a great trip!
Kathy Lindgren and (the big swede)