Sunday, August 21, 2005

Things I Can't Live Without (Part II)...

Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing!!!
I'm not a oil and vinegar salad dressing type of person. I like my salad smeared with at least about 1,000 calories worth of creamy salad dressing. Mrs. TBF makes me homemade Thousand Island dressing, but my true love when it comes to salad dressing is the one and only - Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing. It's one of the "things I can't live without"!
For some reason, Ranch dressing does not exist in Europe. I've never seen it in any of my travels. As far as I can tell, it doesn't even exist in the U.K. - which I find odd. So, included amongst my "must-purchase" items whenever I travel to the U.S. are several of the beautiful blue boxes of real Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix.
A couple of weeks ago, I began to worry because Mrs. TBF announced one evening that she had opened the last box of Hidden Valley mix. Fortunately, disaster was avoided because she brought this dilemma to my attention in time for me to ask our friend Tom to bring me a few boxes of THE mix before he left the U.S. for a business trip in Switzerland.
Tom arrived at our house on Friday night. Not only did he bring the Hidden Valley, but he also surprised me with a bag of Fritos. Although I love Fritos (another thing that's not available in Europe...except for in Spain), I've learned to live without them. I've had to. It's just too difficult to pack a bunch of bags of Fritos in a suitcase without crusing them. But, Tom managed to bring me a bag in perfect condition, and it was a very pleasant surprise.
The first picture was the moment Tom presented me with the "booty". The second picture..."I love you man!!!!"


The DP said...

the cafeteria at my job here in lausanne has something approximating ranch dressing that i find edible.

but it isn't hidden valley ranch. mmmmmmm. I sneak it on my salads when my husband (french food purist) isn't around to complain.

Gretchen said...

Why is it that the Swiss can't seem to figure out the value of a greater variety of salad dressings?? Wouldn't there be tons of people here who would love to eat ranch dressing? Or what about that plain old red dressing? (I think it's called Western at home) While in Wisconsin earlier this month I especially enjoyed lots of Marie's chunky blue cheese dressing-- the full fat kind, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....I wonder how many Weight Watcher points that dressing is???

Hey, maybe Gretchen is on to something here! You could make millions introducing the Swiss to the wonders of ranch dressing. "TBF Ranch Dressing" with your face on the label. - Perry

Gretchen said...

I would definitely buy some.

Bobby The C said...

You have ended your web site against the wishes of MTBF and I. You shall pay.

The Big Finn said...

Sorry...having my own salad dressing would be too much like having a job. I'll pass. Thanks.