Monday, November 07, 2005

Ahhh...Blogging Is a Great Thing!!

After posting my last blog entry, I decided to do a little investigatin'! And? Look what I found: an excellent blog called Parisist that is related to the Chicagoist blog that I read on a regular basis.
According to Parisist, it's safe to go to Paris. As I supspected, the problems are almost entirely in the suburbs and not in the heart of Paris. No burning cars on the Champs least not at this time.
So, I'm now officially saying that we're going to Paris this weekend. That is, unless things change drastically in the next couple of days.


Kirk said...

I wouldn't want to park a car on the street or anything, but I would think you'd be fine if you fly in. I don't know how the train in from Charles de Gaulle would be, though, since it goes right through some of the areas that have been hit. (Then again, maybe I'm too complacent since I lived in L.A. during the riots in 1992 and figure things can't be any worse than that...)

The DP said...

Downtown Paris is definitely ok...say hi to the burning cars on your way to the city from the airport!