Thursday, November 10, 2005

Northwestern - NO. Save-A-Pet - YES.

Mrs. TBF and I just received our "reminder" from our alma mater - Northwestern University - that we haven't donated any money since July, 2004. We normally make a nice donation every year. It's where we met, we both loved going there, and I came up with the idea that we should give every year because it might help our nieces and nephew get in if they should decide to apply to NU someday (There's a question on the application that asks if any of your relatives have attended that point it's my opinion that the admissions department most likely looks up the alum to see how much money they've donated over the years.).
Hyyyyyy-evah...I've decided, as a result of reading this article, that maybe Save-A-Pet (where we adopted King) could use the money a little more than Northwestern. Ok...OK...I know the article is about Yale and not NU. But, I remember an NU fund raising drive from a few years ago that had the goal of raising ONE BILLION (Imagine TBF saying that like Dr. Evil!)...with a "B"...dollars. NU ended up reaching the goal early, so...they raised the goal to something like $1.3 billion. I think they ended up making that goal too.
So, we've decided that maybe our money - at least this year - can go to help other Kings that might be sitting at the shelter waiting for somebody to adopt them so that they can go shred some nice furniture on two continents over the course of fifteen years.


The DP said...

I agree. I LOVE my alma mater (Hotty Toddy!) but other than paying my alumni association dues, I won't give to the alumni association pot. I have always said that I will give towards an endowed professorship in the name of a professor who touched me, when the time comes.

Unknown said...

it sounds like the university is loaded and you are sending to the most "needed" family instead. :) I'd choose the same option too. At least you know you will probably have saved a life this way!

Unknown said...

Speaking of pets. Some guy from Quebec, 50ish in age, yesterday was found to have had 100 or so dogs. The problem was the filth was so great, that dust/hair was about 1 foot high and he wasn't taking care of them properly. So sad for sure. I guess the pound there will be needing some help too!