Monday, November 28, 2005

How 'Bout Some Privacy Here???

Dear Lady Who Cleans the Shower Areas at my Gym:

I appreciate the fact that you have a schedule to follow, that you are Swiss, and that falling behind schedule even ten seconds here in the land of "nudity means nothing to me" will probably result in so much stress that you will have to take six months off of work with disability pay [...common in Switzerland!]. it necessary for you to come into my shower stall, while I'm showering, so you can clean the shower area? Would it hurt you to wait minute????

The Big Soapy Finn

I am not kidding. Let me paint the picture for you...
The downstairs shower area at my gym has six shower stalls that are divided by frosted glass. I tend to use the one shower that has a hose in it because then I can drink some water from the hose while I'm showering (the little trickle of water from the drinking fountain just does not do it for me...). This hose also serves as a cleaning tool for the cleaning lady. That is correct - a lady comes into the mens' shower area, empties the little garbage cans, and then hoses down the shower area with the hose that is in the shower stall that I tend to use. Then she signs this little piece of paper that's on the wall to show that she has maintained the schedule of cleaning the area every 12.958473 minutes, or whatever it is. So, I'm in the shower lathering up, and this lady walks into my shower stall, takes the hose of its little holster, and then sprays down the shower area. I'm not really sure what the purpose of this act is. She's spraying down a wet shower area with water, but hey - I'm no sanitation expert. Now, she didn't just reach around the corner and grab the hose. No! She walked in, and I'd have to estimate (kind of had soap in my eyes) that her hip was no more than eight inches from my hip. Nothing was said at all. She just went about her business, sprayed down the shower area (luckily she refrained from spraying me down with the ice-cold water), put the hose back in its holster, signed the little piece of paper, and then moved on.
Now that I think of it, I should have asked her to wash my back.


Unknown said...

Ah yes yet another odd story you will hold for years to come. When I told mr P that going to a spa was co-ed, he was a bit shy and could not believe what I had just said. He even took a double take. But I don't make fun since his first trip out of north america was this summer with me. :)

CanadianSwiss said...

I just love those stories! It is like it is :-)

Anonymous said...

If that's her idea of clean I'd best be gettin' a pair of shower shoes.

Michael Lehet said...

Hey, you're lucky she grabbed the hose that was on the wall!

The Big Finn said...

Not much chance of her grabbing any other hose. I was in the sauna, and then I went into the ice-cold dipping pool to cool off right before going into the shower. SHRINKAGE!!!!