Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Prague: Chapter 3 - Takin' It To The Streets!

Now that we had a good base of Czech beer, we decided it was time to hit the streets of Prague. James' girlfriend is of Czech heritage (but grew up in Switzerland), and we were scheduled to meet her step-brother Tomas (it's pronounced like To-mosh, but I can't figure out how to type the little squiggly line over the "s"), his wife Vanda, and two friends of theirs whose names I can't remember - and wasn't able to pronounce anyway. They were all very nice people, and really showed us some nice bars, and eventually, a really great restaurant. But first things first...we needed some food!
We stopped for some street food. I can't remember what it was called, but we ended up having a sandwich that consisted of hamburger buns, tartar sauce, and these big breaded deep-fried pieces of cheese. I'm going to have to figure out how to make these things. They are the perfect accompaniment to beer. I wonder how many Weight-Watchers points they are. Oh...maybe 100, or so?

After wolfing down our snacks, we basically just walked around town enjoying the incredible architecture of Prague. Let me tell you - I was impressed. It just did not end. Everywhere you turned you had some really cool looking building, followed by another one. We'd walk for a while, stop in a bar, have a couple of beers, walk some more, stop at a bar, walk some more... On and on we went, enjoying the perfect, sunny day. We pretty much had no agenda which was fine because we were happy just following our Czech hosts around town. As a matter of fact, I did absolutely ZERO research on Prague before the trip. The only thing I knew I absolutely had to see was the "Mission Impossible" bridge. And...that would come a little later...

Anyway, here is a group photo sans yours truly. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any place to clamp the Gorilla Pod. From the left: random person who decided to pose with us, Daniel, James, Vanda, Tomas, lady friend with unpronounceable name, guy friend with unpronounceable name.


Unknown said...

The group photo looks like you are in the city center area. I know the architecture is just incredible.. You should see it from up high in parks and further away in cheaper housing! (like out near the airport)

CanadianSwiss said...

The sky is so incredibly blue on that one photo! Oh, and maybe that "random person" had a weak spot for Daniel.

Gretchen said...

Fried cheese??? I'm SO going to Prague! (says the girl from Wisconsin)

I've actually been to Prague twice before, but don't seem to recall seeing any fried cheese served on a hamburger bun. You can be sure I'll find it next time.