Thursday, May 18, 2006


Yes, I'll admit I haven't been keeping up with recent events...but I've been a busy traveller. Just wanted to take a quick flashback moment. Remember when TBF was in Chicago last month? Well, I was also busy travelling. While he was gone I went to Athens (business), Milano (pleasure - shopping), and Geneva (business). Following are a couple of pictures - note that I inherited the old camera now that TBF has a new one. The first picture is the view from my hotel room in Athens - the famous Acropolis. The second picture is me and my oh so lovely companions (Rammy and Di) on our fast and productive weekend in Milano for shopping. The bar tender at the Grand Hotel e di Milano took this very nice shot of us just before we went to dinner. Sorry - no pictures from Geneva - that was all work - must protect the innocent.


Unknown said...

lovely! I miss traveling so much!

CanadianSwiss said...

Lovely picts! You three ladies really are great!