Friday, May 12, 2006

It's Been One Year...Already?

I hooked up my...oops...our PowerBook and iPod one year ago yesterday. To say that they've had an impact on our lives would be a bit of an understatement.
First of all, the iPod has totally changed the way we listen to, buy, and think about our music. The way we think about music has become totally song-based rather than CD-based. Secondly, by downloading our friends' CDs, we've really broadened our musical horizons. We listen to stuff now (i.e. French, Italian, Cuban, country, folk, techno, etc.) that we never would have listened to before because we wouldn't have bothered to buy the CDs. Finally, by using our Bose docking station, we've found that we just listen to music and talk after dinner rather than turning on the T.V. I'm not kidding, there are weeks when the T.V.'s probably on only for a total of two hours.
As far as the PowerBook goes...I love it. Switching from Windows to Mac was really easy, and going from a desktop to a laptop (along with our wireless network) was a great move. I love the fact that I don't have to go into our office to use the computer. I can use the thing on the balcony, rooftop garden, or wherever - AWESOME!
So now that it's been a year, I thought I'd report on our "most played" songs. Here it goes:

1. Sarah McLachlan - Possession

2. Geddy Lee - Working At Perfekt
Sarah McLachlan - Plenty (tie)

3. Foo Fighters - Times Like These
Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow (tie)

4. H.I.M. - Sweet Pandemonium
Pink Floyd - Hey You
U2 - Beautiful Day (tie)

5. Cheap Trick - Surrender
H.I.M. - Join Me
Sarah McLachlan - Ice
Queensr├┐che - Silent Lucidity

Most of the time, we just listen to the songs in shuffle mode. Therefore, I'm not really sure why Sarah McLachlan is so prominently represented on the list. I like her, but it's not like I make a point of listening to her. Maybe Mrs. TBF is listening to her when she's traveling.

Anyway...I'd say we have room for about 3,000 more songs. We're up to 6,533 songs, 19.5 days of music, and counting!


Unknown said...

I guess I really never caught that the ibook was brand new last year. Although I love that model. Mine is smaller and about 1.5 years old but I love the thing too! IT is incredible. And well I know I'll be getting another one in due time... My only complaint is that you have to pay to upgrade some software which I think should be included in the cost...

Unknown said...

oops - I meant powerbook... but I'm sure you knew I meant that...

Beejum said...

Hi TBF, let me just warn you to make a backup, either on CDs or on another computer of all the music you download from iTunes. If anything happened to your computer and all that music got erased, there is no way to get it off your iPod and back into your computer. I found out the hard way that there is no way for you to re-download something from iTunes that you have lost without paying for it again. I don't have a laptop yet, but I love my Nano for using at the gym, and I have only just begun exploring the music that is available out there. I sense that it could be dangerous for someone with a limited budget! :)

Bobby The C said...

Beejum and all, I have a couple places for you to visit if you have trouble losing your library. There is a way to load your music from your ipod to your pc/mac.
Hopefully these will help.

I love our Apple products. They are truly the greatest.

The Big Finn said...

Beej and TMS - Thanks for the info. I use the Mac "Backup" program every day, and I back up everything to CDs once per month.

Beejum said...

That's awesome to know about TMS, thanks! I don't usually use Macs - I used to, but working with PCs at work all the time, I've gotten out of the habit, so I didn't even think to look for software. DOH!

Michael Lehet said...

I've had my iPod for about 18 months now and it really has changed me as well. In the past I would listen to the same CD at work for months on end, but now I hardly ever hear the same song (Unless i choose it).

I currently have 10,318 songs, 28.8 days worth. If I listen for 5 hours a day (just business days) it will take me almost 6 months to listen to everything....I'd better get started!

When I started up iTunes the other day my "library" was gone so I had to re-load everything...which meant I lost my "play count" which sucks!

Sal DeTraglia said...

My less-than-a-year-old iPod shuffle has turned me into a lean, mean, jogging machine. Too lean, according to my grandmother.

My less-than-a-year-old Mac Mini has allowed me to open and read all those facsinatingly-titled spam messages that I was too scared to open with my Dell.

Apple is the cat's ass!


Mrs. TBF said...

I happened to read this at TMS and TSK's house before I left for O'Hare and I decided to select some Sarah McLachlan on the journey home - just to irritate TBF. Hee hee.
Apple has changed a but not the little competitions between TBF and I.