Friday, May 19, 2006

Let The Traveling Begin!

The bad news is that we have to take a taxi to Basel Airport at 5:15 tomorrow morning in order to catch a 6:30 a.m. flight. The good news is that we are leaving for Corsica tomorrow morning for five days of relaxation/adventure.
We're flying on Air France which means that I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they don't go on strike tomorrow morning (which is always a possibility with Air France). After connecting in Paris, we'll fly down to Ajaccio. If all goes well, we should be at our hotel by noon.
We're staying at a place called Le Maquis. If you check out their website, you'll see why we're really excited about this trip. It's a very small hotel which, from the pictures, looks like it might just be as close to "Heaven on Earth" as you can get. We actually booked our room on August 20, 2005, AND we had to put down a 30% deposit to hold the room! So, the anticipation has been building for some time now.
This will be the first of four trips we'll be taking over the next five weeks or so. In June, we'll be taking little weekend trips to Alicante (Spain), London, and Liverpool. I'm not going to take the laptop along, but we'll take loads of pictures and post them when we get back. We both have our own cameras now, so that should mean twice as many pictures as before.
We'll talk to you next week.


Michael Lehet said...

Looks divine...if you had told us sooner we would have met you there.


Beejum said...

OH! I want the room with the lion head spouting water into my bathtub! How cools is that! Have FUN you two, that place looks amazing. I will look forward to your write up on your adventures there.

Unknown said...

Have a great trip! Oh it looks like paradise.

CanadianSwiss said...

Have a great time. Looking forward to the posts ;-)

Anonymous said...



The Sour Kraut said...

Looks like a wonderful place. Have a great time. We'll watch for your postcard in the mail.