Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Open Wide!

I've never been to a dentist in Switzerland, and neither has Mrs. TBF. We just go to our old dentist in Deerfield, Illinois when we're back visiting the family and friends in Chicago. We've been going to Dr. Mike Burns (don't call him Burnzo!) for about twenty years, he's familiar with us, and it's just plain easy. BTW...Mrs. TBF just had her first cavity EVER filled while she was in Chicago last week. Hooray!!! Burnzo...I mean...Dr. Burns finally makes some money off of Mrs. TBF.
From what I've heard, going to the dentist in Switzerland can set a person back a small fortune. And, from what I've seen in our local grocery store newspaper, this must be a fact because there are three ads which advertise traveling all the way to Hungary for dental work. People, I kid you not.
The first ad claims that "our bus leaves every Sunday for Hungary!" Umm...you're joking, right? A bus full of people with toothaches traveling from Switzerland to Hungary? No thanks!
Then, a couple of pages later, there's another ad that promises "...huge savings!", ten years of experience, and a 5-year guarantee. Wow!
Finally, a couple of pages after that, there is yet another ad that claims "...you can save THOUSANDS of francs!" This one is just a travel agency that promotes their "luxury bus" that will whisk you away to Héviz, Hungary to a "modern dental practice" (I hope so!) so that you can have done whatever it is you're needing done to your teeth. Travel packages begin at "399 francs for 8 days".
I'm really curious about this. Does anybody here in Switzerland know of anybody who's taken one of these trips in order to have work done on their teeth? If so, what the heck was the problem that would make it worth traveling all the way to Hungary? Can one really save "thousands of francs"? I mean, I travel all the way to Chicago for my check-ups, cleaning, and x-rays, but I'm not doing it to save money. I'm doing it because...well...it's just plain convenient. Plus, it's just one of the many things I do, like clockwork, when I'm in Chicago.
Eight-day trip to Hungary? I think I'd rather pull out my own teeth myself. Don't laugh...I had an uncle who did it. That's right - he pulled out his own teeth with a pair of pliers. But, that's a story for another time.

All I can say is: thank God Mrs. TBF and I have good teeth.


CanadianSwiss said...

We have an excellent dentist here AND he speaks english, too. Jarl went to him, but don't take his bills as being "normal". That dentist had a hell of a lot to do on Jarl's teeth!

I'd rather pay more than have a bad experience in Hungary and have to wait for the next bus to Mr. Dentist with a gum infection. NO WAY!

Unknown said...

I was reluctant to go anywhere but where I knew too. Now I've got a great dentist in Canada and I am happy dear hubby was already using her. Yes her..