Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Flashback: They're Baaaaaack!

Let's go back five weeks. My mom and dad were visiting, and I thought I'd put my mom (a retired nurse) to work. We were about to go away away to Prague for the weekend and, wanting to look my best, I thought that the old middle-aged, resistant to Nair For Men, ear hairs needed a trimming. I handed my mom the scissors, and...."whoa...that's my brain!!!"

It's been five weeks, and the hairs are back with a vengeance. Seeing that Mrs. TBF is in Chicago, and my mom is in Florida...I guess I'm on my own.

I'll try not to slice into my ear like I did the last time I did this myself.


Anonymous said...

I hate ear and nose hair and I really would like to have it permanently removed.

Is it safe to do that?

The Big Finn said...

TMS - I think nose hair serves a valuable functioning filtering out some nasty things that would otherwise enter your lungs. I'd say just use a nose hair trimmer on a regular basis.
I asked a "professional" about ear hair last year. She told me that you could have it removed with electrolysis, but it would probably grow back due to a multitude of reasons. So, it's probably a waste of time. I think we're just stuck trimming it from time to time.

The DP said...

Nose hair has to be hit with electrolysis...but the ear hair? Wax those suckers. Go to a salon, get a certified estheticienne to do it. Here in Geneva getting you ears done is probably about 40 francs with a tip. Not that I know, because I don't wax my ears, but I see it on the "menu" at my estheticienne's place. Or go to coop and get the Nair face strips and throw those on there.

The Big Finn said...

cncz - Thanks for the strips recommendation. I'm definitely going to check that out.
TMS is going to make fun of me, but I HAVE actually had my ears waxed at the spa in a hotel we stayed at in Estepona, Spain. I was having a facial (TMS...stop laughing!), and I suddenly noticed the lady putting wax on the tops of my ears, my earlobes, and just above the bridge of my nose between my eyebrows. A moment later...ZIP!
I guess she felt there was a need.

Unknown said...

We all just need a secret spell to zap where you don't want hair away...