Friday, December 29, 2006

A Long Winter's Nap...

I never nap when I'm at home.

I'm tellin' ya...NEVER!!!

However, it's a different story when we go on vacation. I think my first afternoon nap when we were in Rome was over two hours long.

Remember when I said that a breakfast buffet room would be a must-buy if we ever win the big lotto? Here's another one: a person who would put fresh, PRESSED bed sheets on our bed every day. There aren't too many things better than pressed bed linens as far as I'm concerned. I like pressed linens so much that I actually iron our pillow cases at home, although I draw the line at ironing the sheets (takes too long).

Oh...and you know that little card that the hotels put on your nightstand encouraging you to save water by reusing your bed linens and towels during your stay???


When I stay in a hotel, it's fresh sheets for me EVERY SINGLE DAY. Fresh towels? TWICE per day!!

By the way...a nice thing about having a beard?

It keeps the drool from reaching the pillow.

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Unknown said...

LOL - your last comment just cracks me up! P just shaved his off.. I was in shock...