Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's Always A Great Day...

...when Mrs. TBF returns from a business trip.

Since she left Basel on Monday, Mrs. TBF has flown from:

Basel to London
London to Newark
Newark to Atlanta
Atlanta to Chicago
Chicago to London
London to Basel

...and MAN, are her arms tired! God...I kill the nieces and nephew with that one. At least, I used to. I guess they're getting a bit older now, and Uncle TBF's jokes are getting a bit stale.

Anyway, after Mrs. TBF unpacked, we decided to go up to The Fishbowl to enjoy some of the very unseasonably warm weather we've been having here in Basel. It's December 3rd, and we were sitting upstairs enjoying temps of over 15˚C/low 60s˚F, bright sunshine, and blue skies. I mean, there are some roses still in DECEMBER!!! In a few days time, Mrs. TBF experienced temps of 70˚F in Atlanta, then about a foot of snow in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and then blooming roses in Basel.

It's great having Mrs. TBF back home, and we'll now have a stretch of not being apart until the middle of January - which is nice. Although, I have to say, I did kind of enjoy living the life of "The Dude" for almost a week while she was gone.


CanadianSwiss said...

We certainly have been lucky with the weather!

Unknown said...

haha - love the pic of you!

Sheesh! I'd take some of that weather here. It's just rather cold and too much snow on the ground. I wouldn't mind if I were to be going skiing, but I'm not...

J said...

I do agree about the weather. It's been quite mild up here too.

People here are predicting a very cold January, but I don't really care. I'll be in Thailand for the first 21 days of it.