Monday, December 25, 2006

Rome: Random Thoughts...

I think that finding good things to eat is one of the best parts about traveling. I always have to resist the temptation to try to plan every single minute of our trips. However, I do usually make dinner reservations in advance of a trip in order to ensure that we'll be able to get a table at the restaurants we want to try. Christmastime can be especially tricky.
This time, we ate at a family-run place called Sora Lella our first night. We liked...!

Whenever we check in at a hotel - especially if it's one we've stayed at before - I ask: "Did we receive an upgrade?" I just ask. What the heck?

We nearly always receive one.

This time was no different. A deluxe room was reserved, and a suite was received. It's nice; a bedroom, a sitting room, and two marble bathrooms. this isn't our room (it's the ballroom), but our room is nice too!

We receive turndown service every night. The maid does a little tidying-up of the room, the bed is folded down, a little mat is placed on each side of the bed so that our tired feet don't have to touch the soft carpet before getting in or out of bed, and a little card with the next day's weather forecast is placed on the bed.

So far, whoever the hotel weatherman is, has predicted rain for each day. This is how each day has looked so far.

Who is this weatherman, anyway?

Is there anything much better than a breakfast buffet? If we ever win the lotto, I'm going to have a house built with a breakfast buffet room.

Mrs. TBF reminds me that we'd have to actually buy a lotto ticket before we could ever win the lotto. I contend that if one is lucky enough to win the lotto, then one will be lucky enough to just find the ticket on the ground somewhere.

In the meantime, the hotel breakfast buffet will do just fine. Mrs. TBF sticks to mostly healthy things like fruit and yogurt while nibbling at the fattier items. I, on the other hand, get my gorge on!

Come to think of it, it's 9:45 a.m. - time to "eat for sport"!!!!!!

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