Thursday, March 01, 2007

Berlin: Checkpoint Charlie

Here's a picture of Conrad Schumann running to freedom (and for his freakin' life!) on August 15, 1961. While we were walking around the eastern part of Berlin, I asked Mrs. TBF if she had ever heard of anybody "escaping" from The West to The East. Just wondering...

Here's a picture of "capitalist pig" TBF on February 26,2007 leisurely walking in pretty much the same spot carrying his new shoes that he just bought a few hundred meters up Friedrichstrasse. What a difference 45+ years makes!

How long will it be before I can calmly board a boat in Havana (with a couple boxes full of Cuban cigars) and take the short cruise back to Florida? Only time will tell.

That whole Communism thing wasn't such a good idea after all, was it?

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Dixie said...

You do know what the Berlin wall was called in East Germany don't you? Antifaschistischer Schutzmauer - the Anti-fascist protection wall. They told the East Germans that they put up to protect them from the fascists in the west, which would make sense except they let the so-called fascists in all the time and wouldn't let those folks living in the good ol' land of socialism out.

Living in the former East Germany, I learn the goofiest stuff.