Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I'm falling behind a bit on the Japan posts...

Our first day-trip from Tokyo was to the "Shogun" area of Nikko. While in Nikko, we:

...walked across a red lacquered bridge while trying not to disrupt the man who was dusting it with a feather-duster.

...enjoyed the beautiful weather, fall color, and ancient pagodas and temples.

...had a coffee at Ernest's Cafe (that's me with Ernest) and made it onto his website. If you go to his website, just click on "Diary", then on "Old Log" at the bottom of the page, followed by "2007.10", and then just scroll down to "Sun.10.21.2007" and you'll see a couple of familiar faces. Gosh, famous in Japan. Who would have thunk it?


Anonymous said...

I'm Ernest,,,,
I remember clearly about you,,,

Thank you to write about me!

The Big Finn said...

Ernest - Thanks for your hospitality. You serve a great cup of coffee, and hopefully we'll have a chance to drink it again in the future.