Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Only 35 Days Until Christmas...

But more importantly...only 200 days 'til HELL!!!

I walked by the train station today and I saw on the big countdown clock that it's only 200 days until Euro 2008 begins in Austria and Switzerland (Basel is one of the host cities!)! That is when about a zillion soccer hooligans will descend on Switzerland. Can't wait...NOT!!!

What makes things worse (in case this is your first time reading this blog), is that the Art Basel 2008 exhibition - which normally causes all the Basel hotels to be sold out - overlaps with Euro 2008 from June 4 - 8. That, my friends, is when Mrs. TBF and yours truly will be heading the hell out...of...town!!!!

We're thinkin' Scotland.


Greg said...

And now you know why we moved south of Zurich. I figure the tieups in the transit should keep us safe from Euro2008.

I was at the FC Basel - FC Zurich riot awhile back. Fortunately we could see what was going to happen and literally ran out of the stadium and onto the waiting tram. We watched the rest of it on TV when we got home.

Eva said...

definitely a plan....scotlands great!

Unknown said...

Sounds like our same insane issue with the Olympics coming. Well not so much because we know we want to be here during that time, it's just going to be hell traffic wise though!

Scotland sounds wonderful. I say go for it!

The DP said...

tagged you back...must book my vacation and get the heck out of dodge during the euro 2008...somewhere, anywhere but this country.